Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spooky Dirt.

This is a perfect Halloween recipe for a group party thingy. (Modified from a Dirt Dessert Recipe  aka How I done it.)

So to start get your ingredients ready:

2 packages of cream cheese, 8 oz each(softened)
1 cup powdered confectioners sugar
3 boxes pudding, vanilla or chocolate (I use chocolate)
4 cups Milk
16 oz or so Whipped topping (thawed, the amount is variable, it used to come in 12oz, now 8oz, I used two.)
Chocolate sandwich cookies (you know, Oreo cookies, real or fake doesn't really matter) I buy more than one package just in case.
Vienna Finger Cookies or something similar
Black Frosting
Little zombie candies(optional)

The first thing I did was to cream up the cream cheese in the stand mixer, then I measured the powdered sugar and added it. I let that go until it is nice and smoothe, stopping to scrape the paddle and bowl as needed. Next in a separate bowl mix the 3 boxes of pudding with the 4 cups of milk,(this is thicker than the directions of 2 cups of milk per box) and then add it to the cream cheese sugar mixture and let it get well blended.
Next we need to crumble up the chocolate cookies, I did this in the food processor and it works nice for that. In the container you will serve this in, I used for this a 97 cent foil pan from Walmart you could do it as a trifle or in just about any thing, put a layer of cookie crumbs down.
Now is the time to add the whipped topping to the pudding mixture fold it in till completely, perfectly mixed. Then decide how many layers you want, to be easy you can just add half of the pudding mixture to the dish, then a layer of half of the remaining crumbs, then remaining pudding, then top with crumbs. But I do nothing simple and this makes plenty of creamy goodness that I had 3 or 4 layers, and comes in the reason I have extra cookies on hand because it is hard to divide in thirds or fourths or whatever it was and I always short the top layer of cookie crumbs, so I went back to the processor and threw in more cookies to fill in where the pudding was showing.
Now is the Halloweenery part, I wanted to make this take on a cemetery look if you couldn't tell, and so I found vienna finger cookies that I think look a little like headstones and divided them and scraped out the filling with a knife (not licking them Like I think my wife thought I did) and using a toothpick and some black decorating frosting we had on hand I wrote, R I P, you could probably get more creative with this like writing R U Dead or something, but I couldn't think of anything like that at the time, and had a hard enough time writing with a toothpick that , R I P, was plenty for me.
Now you can place the "tombstones" in any pattern you want, but I had also some zombie patch kid candies I wanted to appear to be leaving the ground and walking to the front for some reason so I left an isle. And if you place the cookies in a differing heights and angles it will look more like an old spooky Cemetery.
You don't necessarily have to decorate this like this, I usually do not, but I made it for a party in October, and couldn't help my self.
*note this is being posted by me both here and at my personal family blog